WildTangent (partially found PC/online games; 1999-2007)

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Old WildTangent logo.jpg

Old WildTangent logo.

Status: Partially Found

WildTangent was a PC/web game company founded in 1998 by Alex St. John.

WildTangent used to develop their own original games, sometimes to advertise various companies, TV, and movies. Most of the WildTangent titles were discontinued and have become lost.


In order to play WildTangent games, the user would have to install WildTangent Web Driver and Microsoft Java Virtual Machine. Java would need to be uninstalled in case it blocks these games from running.

The games had online and offline versions, but the online versions no longer function.

The reason they discontinued their games is unknown. However, they were criticized because their games contain spyware and required anybody to constantly buy more WildCoins.

Most of WildTangent games were all stored in GIT type system/source safe so no one needed personal copies.

Availability of Games

Most discontinued WildTangent games are no longer available for purchase, but some can still be downloaded from other distributors or anybody who has the installer backed up. The list of games that are lost and found can be viewed below.

Original WildTangent Games

Game Title Status What is lost (If Partially Found/Lost)
Apache Striker Lost
Atomic Pop Found
Betty Bad Found
Billiards Lost
Blackhawk Striker Found
BlasterBall Wild (also known as BlasterBall) Found
BMX Pro Found
Cannonballs Found
Checkers Found
Dark Orbit Found
Debate 2000 Lost
Dice Jam Found
Excavation Found
Fill Up Found
Final Drive: Fury Partially Found Chaos vehicle is missing.
Five Card Frenzy (WildTangent Version) Found
Front 9 Found
Gem Master Found
Gem Master 2 Found
Gem Master 3 Found
Gin Found
Glow Glow Firefly Found
Golf Challenge Found
Gothello Lost
Groove-o-Matic Found
Hearts Found
Honeycombs Found
Invasion: The Last Stand Found
Invincible BMX Lost
Island Heads Found
Jewel Thief Found
Kublox Found
Lexibox Deluxe Found
Mars Rover Found
MindBender Lost
Orbital Found
Pig Pen Found
Reversi Found
Ring Master Found
RoboDome Lost
Run 'n Gun Football Found
SabreWing Lost
SabreWing 2 Found
Sea Life Safari (PC Version) Found
Shooting Stars Pool Found
Slyder Found
Snowboard Extreme Found
Snowboard Mountain Found
Space Rocks Found
Spades Found
Speedway (Download Version) Partially Found Lost online version for more tracks.
STX: The Sentinel Conspiracy Found
Super Speedway Lost
Totally Live Boxing Found
Track Meet Found
Track Racer Lost
Wildcards Found
Xbox Music Mixer Found
You Know What Arts Found
You Know What History Found
You Know What Potpourri Found
You Know What Science Found
You Know What Sports Found
Polar Bowler Strike! (Facebook game) Lost

WildTangent Advergames

Game Title Status What is lost (If Partially Found/Lost)
AXE Unlimited: Mojo Master Partially Found Inaccessible and single player version is lost.
BellSouth FastAcess DSL Racing Lost
Chrysler Club Championship Challenge Found
Chrysler Golf Classic Lost
Chrysler: Road Ready Streetwise Found
Chrysler: Road Ready Streetwise v2.0 (WildTangent Version) Lost
Chrysler Shopper Shuffle Lost
Chrysler West Coast Rally Found
Coca-Cola: Live the Madness 2004 Lost
Coca-Cola: Live the Madness 2005 Lost
Coca-Cola: NCAA Championship Run 2005 Lost
Coca-Cola: NCAA Championship Run 2006 Partially Found Lost unlock codes for unlockable features.
Coca-Cola: Run n' Gun Football Lost
Dial Corporation: Coast BMX Full Grind Lost
Dodge Charger Urban Racing Found
Dodge: Race the Pros Lost
Dodge Racing: Hemi Edition Found
Dodge Stow N' Go Challenge Lost
Ford Supercar Challenge Partially Found Lost full version.
Gateway Superset Tennis Lost
Hyundai Rally Challenge Lost
Jeep 4x4 Adventure Found
Monster Park Madness (also known as Honda Monster Park Madness) Found
MSN Zone.com: Dodge Speedway Lost
MSN Zone.com/Radio Shack: RC Riot Lost
MSN Zone.com/Radio Shack: RC Riot 2 Lost
MSN Zone.com: Toyota Tundra Madness or Toyota Tundra Madness 2.0 Lost
Nike Football '02 Lost
Nike Football '04 Lost
Nike Football Scorpion Knock Out Found
Nike Gridiron Lost
Nike Gridiron: The Michael Vick Experience Lost
Nike Magia Found
Nike's Shox Dunk Lost
Nike Speed Lost
Pepsi Shootout Lost
Pioneer Drive Evaluation Program Lost
Sony: Skatepark Sessions Lost
Toyota: Corolla Joy Ride Found
Visa Championships Torino 2006 Lost
Zone.com: Toyota Tacoma Adrenaline Lost

WildTangent Games for TV/Movies

Game Title Status What is lost (If Partially Found/Lost)
Disney: Lilo & Stitch Pinball Found
Fox: 24 Countdown Lost
Fox Sports: Hit the Pros 2001 Lost
Fox Sports: Hit the Pros 2002 Lost
Fox Sports: Hit the Pros 2003 Partially Found Game is inaccessible.
Fox Sports: Hit the Pros 2004 Lost
Fox: The O.C. Skate the O.C. Lost
Fox: The X-Files Pathogen Unknown Lost
FX: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Slayer X Lost
FX: Lucky's Run Lost
FX: Nip/Tuck Cut to the Beat Lost
Nelvana: Medabots Robattle 3D Lost
Nickelodeon: Avatar The Last Airbender Autumn Twilight (WildTangent Version) Lost
Sony: A Knights Tale Tournament Lost
Sony: Men in Black 2 Crossfire Found
Sony: Men in Black 2 CROSSFIRE Extreme Found
TBS: Invincible Lost
TBS: War Games Virtual Warfare Found
TNT: Witchblade The Game Lost
Universal: Jurassic Park III 3D Adventure Lost

Other WildTangent Games from Other Clients

Game Title Status
Activision: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (Web Version) Lost
EA/AOL: Need For Speed Top Speed (Web Version) Lost
EA: Meteor Madness Lost
EA: SSX SnowDreams Lost
Indigo Moon: Fierce Harmony Lost
Low Earth Orbit: The Dope Game Lost
MSN Zone.com: Driveway Road Rally Lost
Sierra: SWAT 3 Close Quarters Battle (Web Version) Lost
Screenblast: Evilution The Legend of Helnar Lost
WarCry Corporation: Megaputt! Lost
YAYA.com: Big Air Snowboard Lost
Qwest: Turbo Racing Lost
AOL RED: FireChild Lost

Lost WildTangent Demos/Tests

Game Title Status
2D Puzzle Lost
3D Puzzle (3D Photo Scramble) Lost
Animated Texture Lost
Asteroidz! Lost
BackDrop Bitmap Lost
Banner Ad (Interactive Banner Ad) Lost
Boeing Airliner Lost
Camera Functions Lost
Dancing Can Radio Demo Lost
Draggable Model Lost
Flower Card Lost
Heart Tour Demo Lost
Holiday Dancer Demo Lost
JewelCase Lost
Model Texturing Lost
Object Manipulation Part 1 Lost
Object Manipulation Part 2 Lost
PARAM to Piechart Example (JDBC Piechart Example) Lost
Pool Tour Demo Lost
Primitive Model Texturing Lost
Puzzle Card Lost
Roboto Card Lost
Wild Eyes Lost
Wild Logo (WildTangent Logo) Lost

Current WildTangent Games Available (Supported)

Game Title Status
Blackhawk Striker 2 Found
Blasterball 2: Holidays Found
Blasterball 2: Remix Found
Blasterball 2: Revolution (also known as BlasterBall 2 Deluxe) Found
Blasterball 3 Found
Bounce Symphony Found
Crystal Maze Found
Fate Found
Fate: Undiscovered Realms Found
Fate: The Traitor Soul Found
Fate: The Cursed King Found
Final Drive: Nitro Found
Lumines Found
Otto's Magic Blocks Found
Overball Found
Penguins! Found
Phoenix Assault Found
Polar Bowler 1st Frame (PC version) Found
Polar Bowler Found
Polar Golfer Found
Polar Golfer: Pineapple Cup Found
Polar Pool Found
Polar Tubing Found
Shrek 2: Ogre Bowler Found
Snowboard SuperJam Found
Super Granny Found
Tornado Jockey Found
Tradewinds Found
Word Symphony Found



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