Woody Woodpecker "Birds of a Feather" and "Woody and the Beanstalk" (found original audio of theatrical animated shorts; 1965-1966)

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Birds of a Feather title screen.jpg

The English title for "Birds of a Feather."

Status: Found

Date found:
23 Jun 2017 ("Woody and the Beanstalk") / 20 May 2018 ("Birds of a Feather")

Found by: C4N4L78, and Recordo Obscura

Woody Woodpecker was an animated cartoon character created by Walter Lantz for Universal Studios, and particularly known for his trademark laughter. He was featured in over 190+ theatrical shorts produced by Walter Lantz's animation studios. The first 90 of his starring cartoon shorts are available on the two "Classic Cartoon Collection" DVD sets.

Recently, the Woody cartoons from 1959 until the final one released in 1972, and of which the majority are only circulating on video sites dubbed into foreign languages, were recently recovered in English via a MySpleen torrent. However, two of the cartoons that are included in this collection lack their respective English audio.


"Birds of a Feather" (March 1965, directed by Sid Marcus) - Woody pesters one of his regular antagonists, Miss Meany, who is bird-watching.

"Woody and the Beanstalk" (March 1966, directed by Paul J. Smith) - A retelling of the fairy-tale, Jack and the Beanstalk, in which Woody climbs a magical beanstalk after unknowingly buying magical beans for Miss Meany (unbeknownst to her). He ends up above the clouds and discovers a castle belonging to a giant (however, the only one that is living in the castle is a normal-sized middle-aged man).


These two, similar to many of the Woody cartoons unreleased on DVD as of yet, are largely circulating with either Russian or Spanish dubbed audio, depending on the video host, and their original English audio has not been recovered.

A link to many of the previously missing English shorts (with the exception of these two) can be found via the RAR file here, with a MEGA or Dropbox folder of its contents needed as well.[1]

On June 23rd, 2017, Lost Media Wiki founder Dycaite got an email from C4N4L78 containing the English version of the short "Woody and the Beanstalk." C4N4L78 says that it was (at the time) airing the English version of the episode in Brazil. The episode has been uploaded to Vimeo on the Lost Media Wiki channel. It has also been uploaded as a backup to Dropbox by LMW user 19MagicNumbers with its opening titles added in as they were previously missing from the recording sent to the wiki.[2]

On May 20th, 2018, the English version of "Birds of a Feather" was made available online after a copy of a vinyl record titled Woody Woodpecker and his Wacky Friends – containing the audio of the short along with five others – caught the attention of fans.[3] Since this audio also contained narration not originally found on the short, excerpts of the available Brazilian recording were spliced in to clean it up – material courtesy of C4N4L78, Raphael' and Alexandre Bizzolato in addition to the original found on Recordo Obscura.


"Woody and the Beanstalk" original English audio (Courtesy of C4N4L78).

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