Work It (partially found TV series; 2012-2013)

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Work it promo.jpg

The series title card.

Status: Partially Found

Work It was an American television sitcom that ran on ABC from January 3 to January 10, 2012 and an unknown New Zealand Channel from August 28 to November 6, 2013 as a mid-season replacement for the cancelled Man Up!. The series is set in St. Louis, and is about two men who must dress as women in order to keep a job in a bad economy.

The show was notable for its negative reception by both critics and viewers,[1] who criticized the show's premise that was considered dated and offensive to both LGBT people and women, its weak humor, and poor acting.[2]

Thirteen episodes were produced for the series, with only the first two airing in America and the rest airing in New Zealand. Of these, only one episode and various promos containing footage from lost episodes have resurfaced.

Simply put, the whereabouts of Work It is unusually confusing and elusive for an ABC sitcom show.

Episode List

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Pilot Jan. 3 2012 Partially Found
2 Shake Your Money Maker Jan. 10 2012 Found
3 Girl Fight Aug. 28 2013 Lost
4 Field Of Schemes Sep. 4 2013 Lost
5 Close Shave Sep. 11 2013 Lost
6 Space Invaders Sep. 18 2013 Lost
7 Breast Awareness Week Sep. 25 2013 Lost
8 Immaculate Deception Oct. 2 2013 Lost
9 Surprise Package Oct. 9 2013 Lost
10 Hunger Games Oct. 16 2013 Lost
11 Cinderella Story Oct. 23 2013 Lost
12 Masquerade Balls Oct. 30 2013 Lost
13 My So-Called Mid-Life Crisis Nov. 6 2013 Lost


A "Series Primere" promo for the pilot containing footage.
Another promo for the pilot containing footage.
Yet another promo for the pilot containing footage.
Low quality footage of the pilot.


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