Zephyr: Rise of the Elementals (lost game demo; 2009)

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Zephyr logo.png

The demo's logo.

Status: Lost

Zephyr: Rise of the Elementals was a demo developed by Loose Cannon Studios, and shown at E3 2009. The game would later be changed to Tornado Outbreak. In the demo, the player controlled a blue spiraling air elemental named Zephyr, and complete the only known objective in the demo: find and collect the Fire Flyers.


The gameplay consisted of the player finding hidden elementals scattered throughout the levels, completing side missions, along with causing lots of property damage.

E3 09 Attract

Developer Walkthrough

Tornado Alley

A completely earlier build of the game that was never shown off to the public. This version only had one main objective; Use the destructive power of a tornado to wreck havoc on mankind. In this build, the tornado's category level is based off of the real-life tornado rating system: the Fujita Scale. The player could also obtain a powerup called the Fujita Frenzy, which allows the player to easily destroy buildings by increasing the tornado's Fujita rating. Currently, a tutorial video has surfaced on the internet.

Tutorial video recovered from a deleted hardrive.