Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (lost unaired pilot of Nickelodeon animated series; early 1990s)

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The Pilot.jpg

One of the only known screenshots.

Status: Lost

Sometime possibly in the early 90's, Klasky Csupo made a pitch-pilot for the Aaahh! Real Monsters series that used to air on Nickelodeon. Not much is known from the pilot aside that The Gromble's name was The Womble, and was eventually changed because of another series being called The Wombles was airing around the time of the show's first release.

The pilot followed the same storyline as the show's first-aired episode The Switching Hour, but it is unknown how many changes were in the released pilot and this unaired one. It is also unknown if it was a short, 11 minute episode, or was like The Switching Hour and was in 2 parts.

No footage is available and all that remains are a few low quality screenshots. It can be assumed that the episode was made in lesser quality than the aired episodes.