Billy Bean and His Funny Machine (lost British puppet TV series; 1954-1956)

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Billy bean.jpg

The only remaining image.

Status: Lost

Billy Bean and His Funny Machine was a puppet TV series that aired on ITV from 1954 to 1956.
It never had any VHS or DVD releases. Hence, the show is lost to this day, and only one screenshot remains as visual proof of its existence.


The show involves Billy Bean (who was part of a train company) and a machine he made. He usually operated the machine with a bird named Yoo Hoo that laid an egg at random intervals.

Song Lyrics

"Billy Bean built a machine to see what it could do. He made it out of sticks and stones, and nuts and bolts and glue. The motor sang Chuffaty Bang, Rattata Rattatarator, And all of a sudden a picture appeared on the funny old cartoonerator Billy Bean built a machine to see what it would do, It did the funniest things he'd seen, So he called it his fun machine, machine, Billy Bean and his fun machine."