Cadbury Land (partially found series of animated commercials from British confectionery company; 1998-2001)

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The only Cadbury Land ad to be reuploaded to the internet.

Cadbury Land was another series of British television advertisements from Cadbury, running from mid-1998 to 2001 and featuring characters designed around Cadbury products intended for the younger audience (specifically characters of Wildlife, Chomp, Buttons, Giant Buttons, Curly Wurly and Fudge as well as Dudley Sidebottom, the child consumer) in, where else, Cadbury Land. This was the result of the Cadbury Land "umbrella" rebrand of the young children-based Cadbury products, so the personalities were based off of children's love of likeable characters placed in a world of their own and each character's persona reflects their brand, and also gives an endearing way to making their product.

The first of the adverts was notably animated by John Kricfalusi and Spumco (the people behind Ren & Stimpy) and voiced entirely by Neville John "Noddy" Holder of Slade. It was showcased on Spumco's website with the following quote:

"Like the Aoki commercial, this one was aired in a foreign land (England), and it has a line in a strange tongue... "Eeeee... Dat wud a bit of a laff wudn't it?" Don't ask us what it means."

The rebrand was in no means unsuccessful, spawning merchandise and a Cadbury World Cadbury Land attraction, but the campaign (or at least the ads) ended in 2001, possibly because its original target audience had gained new interests, according to some. But because these characters are some of the more obscure across fans of Cadbury (especially in comparison to the Yowies), barely any of their adverts have been reseen on the internet in either singular uploads or adbreaks. Only the Spumco ad has resurfaced to the internet, and that was only because it was available on Spumco's website in the past. Any other ads were produced by such studios as Passion Pictures and are currently nowhere to be found, although they may have included four ads with Giant Buttons and one where the gang are playing hide and seek. Not even John Kricfalusi remembers his work on the campaign.