Caritas Manila (partially found Filipino series of TV commercials; 1994-2002)

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This appears at the end of the said commercials.

Status: Partially Found

Caritas Manila is a non-profit organization that leads the social service and development ministry of the Catholic Church in the Philippines and was established on October 1, 1953 as a social welfare program.[1]

Throughout the 1990s, several Caritas Manila commercials were aired to promote the organization or inform people to give charities to the poor which are said to be creepy or unsettling to viewers.

Info[edit | edit source]

At the end of the commercials, a black background with the Caritas logo and a text saying "Give to Catholic Charities" is displayed. Many viewers who watched the commercials when they aired on television described the ending screens to be "creepy" or "disturbing", given the content and the background music. In 2003, following its 50th anniversary, they launched the Segunda Mana campaign, and what followed are commercials that are laid-back or not creepy commercials.

Availability and Known Commercials[edit | edit source]

The street children and the so-called "Dead Beggar" commercials are available on YouTube. Several more commercials were known to be aired in 1994, but not all have resurfaced on the Internet.

The Stained Glass commercial was said to be reaired in 2004 on ABC 5 (now TV5),[2] even after Segunda Mana. However, it is unknown if the other commercials were rebroadcasted.

Title Year Description Status
"Gutom" 1994 A beggar is shown against the black background. While he is holding his stomach a flaming hole is growing gradually. The word "GUTOM? (Hungry?)" was then displayed. The boy's hole in the stomach became bigger and bigger while a loud distorted strumming of a guitar can be heard in the background. The lines of "PWEDE KANG TUMULONG (You may help)" were then shown as the music gradually fades out. It is also called "Burning Stomach" or "Butas na Tiyan (Perforated Stomach)" by other people.[3] Lost
"Stained Glass" 1994 A series of stained glass paintings of Biblical figures being tortured. In chronological order, getting burned alive (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego), fed to the lions (Daniel), crucified upside down (Peter), stoned to death (Stephen), and putting a coin on a beggar's can. A voiceover that goes along these lines plays in the background, "The beginning of the Catholic this day right here right now. The burned of the sinner, The friendly of the lions, The beginning of the sacraments, To stone the dead, The charity of the sacraments, Charity's love. Love by Will", The stained glass pictures are said to be taken from the Manila Cathedral.[4] Lost
"Dead Beggar" 1994 A person gives coins to a child beggar, which died prior. The child beggar's corpse is then shown and the Filipino proverb "Aanhin pa ang damo, kung patay na ang kabayo? (What good is the grass when the horse is already dead?)"[5] Found
"Strayed Children" 1994 At the start, a mother and her baby as beggars were shown. Then, a series of child beggars were shown with the words shown, "What will his future be like? At three years old, he could be on the streets. At five, he could be addicted to drugs. At twelve, he could be a petty thief. At sixteen, he could be a murderer. Or he could be dead. Unless you start caring."[6] Found

Gallery[edit | edit source]

"Strayed Childen" Caritas Manila commercial.
"Dead Beggar" Caritas Manila commercial.

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