Chicken Little 2 (partially found cancelled prequel to Disney animated comedy film; 2006)

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a poster for the first movie.

Status: Lost

Chicken Little 2: Mission to Mars is a cancelled sequel to the 2005 Disney animated film Chicken Little. The tie-in video game Chicken Little: Ace in Action served as the actual sequel for the film instead.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Chicken Little finds himself in a love triangle, on the other side, his childhood sweetheart, Abby "Ugly Ducking" Mallard, the third side is an attractive newcomer named Raffaela, the French sheep. Abby is at a tremendous disadvantage, so she gives herself a makeover.

Production[edit | edit source]

The earliest known mention of the film is in the 2005 Dorling Kindersley tie-in book Chicken Little: The Essential Guide.

In an interview with Tod Carter, who contributed to story development, he revealed the plot as described above. However, he neither discusses or mentions the subtitle Mission to Mars. While Carter recounted that the production and screenings were going well (to the point that the budget might have been increased), he believes it was cancelled because the executives were not confident it would perform well.[1]

In 2014, Tod posted two storyboard sequences from the film on his blog portfolio.[2][3]

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