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Hello, my name is Raven Simone, but most people online know me by my tag Bobdunga. I'm a Canadian video producer, content creator and visual artist with a series on YouTube called The Bobdunga Show, where I do reviews, retro rewinds, and analysis videos on video games, along with my newly developed series known as Tales of the Lost, an anthology docu series about my exploration and discoveries into the world of lost media.

Latest Video

"The Western World Of Sailor Moon (Documentary)" (15 Mar 2022)

Part two of the Mean Girls documentary!

Other Videos

Here are the Lost Media videos I've produced thus far, along with a sprinkle of comedic analysis videos from my main series!

"The Girl Games Of Lost Media (Part 1) – Documentary"

"The Girl Games of Lost Media (Part 2) – Documentary"

"Beyblade The Video Game??"

"Return Of The Y2K Aesthetic"