CyberWorld (partially lost IMAX 3D-animated anthology film; 2000)

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The poster for CyberWorld.

Status: Partially Lost

CyberWorld (also known as CyberWorld 3D), is a 2000 3D animated anthology film that was released in theaters and never got a home media release. It is the first computer animated 3D film presented in IMAX and IMAX 3D by Intel.

It was released on October 6th, 2000, in theaters and was a box office success, getting over $16.7 million.[1] While most of the short films shown in the film can easily be found on the Internet (as well as their respective DVDs), two of the short films, as well as the majority of the transition segments, have yet to surface online.

Any current screening information for the film is scarce. However, the original 15/70mm 3D print has been screened at least once in several IMAX exhibition theatres and museums since 2010, occasionally as projection tests. Recently, it screened at the BFI IMAX in Waterloo, London in the United Kingdom on July 19th, 2017, two days before the theater commenced its 70mm showings of Dunkirk, followed by another screening on November 15 that year.[2]


The main character, Phig, played by Jenna Elfman, introduces to the audience CyberWorld, a museum of infinite possibilities. Three computer bugs (named Buzzed, Wired, and Frazzled) appear and try eating the coding of CyberWorld. When hunting, Phig presents to the audience stock clips of computer-animated productions.

In the ending, the three computer bugs create a black hole that leads them to their supposed deaths for the trouble they caused. Phig is almost swallowed up, but is saved after "knight in cyber armor" technician, Hank, reboots the vortex.

In the end, Phig explains that none of the events happened due to the computer bugs. She then summons her battle gear and receives a pink bunny outfit in return.[3]


# Segment Title Status Notes
1 Antz Dance Sequence Found From the 1998 DreamWorks animated film Antz.
2 Homer³ CGI segment Found From The Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror VI.
3 Liberation Music Video Found Preformed by The Pet Shop Boys.
4 Monkey Brain Sushi Found Short film by Sony Pictures Imageworks.
5 KraKKen: Adventure of Future Ocean Found Short film created by ExMachina.
6 Joe Fly Found Short film by Spans & Partner.
7 Flipbook And Waterfall City Partially Found Short film by Satoshi Kitahara.
8 Tonight's Performance Lost Short film by REZN8.

Available/Recovered Segments

A behind the scenes look of CyberWorld.

A trailer of CyberWorld.

Homer³ (1/2).

Homer³ (2/2).

Monkey Brain Sushi.

Antz - Dance Scene.

KraKKen: Adventure of Future Ocean.

Cam-rip footage from the opening segment in French.

Cam-rip footage of Flipbook/Waterfall City, KraKKen and a transition segment in French.

Low-quality VHS-rip footage from various segments on a French promotional DVD.

Joe Fly and Sanchez.

Pet Shop Boys - Liberation.

Cyberworld 3D suite composed by Hummie Mann.

Clip animated by Andrew Harvey.



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