Elmo Aardvark: Outer Space Detective (partially lost Flash animation series; 2000)

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Elmoaardvark titlecard.png

Elmo Aardvark title card

Status: Partially found

Comment: 6/26? episodes found

Elmo Aardvark: Outer Space Detective is a Flash animated web series produced by Will Ryan and animated by Renegade Animation in April, 2000. It follows the titular character, Elmo Aardvark, who is "abducted" from Earth and enlisted onto the Star Ship Salubrious. On the spaceship, Elmo meets Captain VaVa LaVoom, a recruitment officer for the Super Secret Space Squad, and her snarky companion Zobo the Robot. The music for the series was produced by Will Ryan, and several albums are available on his Bandcamp page.[1]

The webseries was awarded an Annie Award in 2000 for "Outstanding Achievement for an Animated Production Produced for Electronic Media."[2]

The current trademark holder is Will Ryan and Company, Ltd.[3] [4] Will Ryan continues to use Elmo Aardvark's name to promote and sell the discography he made for the webseries.


Out of a confirmed 12 episodes, only 6 have been found. Episodes 1, 2, 5, 11, and 12 have been uploaded to Youtube[5], while episode 3 was uploaded to 4chan in October 2020[6]. 26 episodes in total supposedly were released (as mentioned by the video uploader), though this is unverifiable.