Getting Together (partially found ABC musical sitcom; 1971-1972)

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Getting Together.jpeg

Wes Stern, Susan Neher, Bobby Sherman, Jack Burns, and Pat Carroll

Status: Partially found

Getting Together is a musical sitcom that aired on ABC for 14 episodes between September 18, 1971 and January 8, 1972. It was a spin-off of The Partridge Family and was based on "A Knight in Shining Armor," the last episode of The Partridge Family's first season. It received a fair amount of promotion, including tie-in novels and comic books and an official magazine published by Tiger Beat, but it was crushed in the ratings by All in the Family, which aired in the same time slot. [1]

Plot Synopsis

The show follows the songwriting duo Bobby Conway (Bobby Sherman) and Lionel Poindexter (Wes Stern) as they try to make it in Los Angeles. Other characters include Bobby's little sister Jennifer (Susan Neher), who moves in with the two in the first episode; Rita Simon (Pat Carroll), Bobby and Lionel's landlady; and Rita's boyfriend, Officer Rudy Colcheck (Jack Burns).


The opening sequence and a few clips have made their way online. The UCLA Film & Television Archive has 13 of the 14 episodes[2], and most are known to exist in the hands of private collectors. However, the show has never been rerun or released on home media.


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