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Status: Found

Date found: 3 Aug 2016

Found by: Alex Hirsch

On an unknown date,in 2010, animator Alex Hirsch began work on a pitch pilot episode for what would soon become the hit Disney mystery series Gravity Falls. Created in Adobe Flash, the pilot ran for 12 minutes (as confirmed by Alex Hirsch himself in a 2013 Reddit IAmA[1]) and was a cut-down version of the first official episode, "Tourist Trapped".

While not much background information on the pilot's creation have surfaced (besides the identities of those involved), a few screenshots and even a short 43-second snippet have managed to find their way online, along with a full outline of the episode (which is almost identical to that of "Tourist Trapped").[2]

In the aforementioned Reddit IAMA conducted by Hirsch, when asked if the unaired pilot would ever be released, he replied "Oh lord I hope not. That thing was a mess, haha! That would be like showing you awkward photos from my high school prom. We all have dark horrible secrets. That 12 minute Flash pilot was mine". Regardless, fans held on to the hope that it may one day be included as a DVD extra, or just flat-out released (or leaked) online.

On July 25th 2016, Alex revealed that if the puzzle that was a part of the unofficial Cipher Hunt was completed, then he would release the pilot online.[3] On August 1st, it was completed[4] and on August 3rd it was released on The Mystery of Gravity Falls' site under the username of RETURNBACKWARDS and the password of TOTHEPASTAGAINTHREE.[5]



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