Hound Town (partially lost NBC animated TV show pilot; 1989)

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Hound Town Banner.jpg

A screenshot of Hound Town

Status: Partially Lost

Hound Town was a 1989 animated pilot created for NBC by Prudence Fraser with the intention of catering to a prime-time audience. The pilot was rejected, however.

Production[edit | edit source]

It was directed by Ralph Bakshi at his Bakshi Animation studio, where he worked with animators from Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, such as Rich Moore, Andrew Stanton and Jeff Pidgeon. Bakshi claims this to be one of his least favourite works. It has (allegedly) only aired once.

The pilot was available on YouTube at one point, but the channel was suspended before anyone could make a backup of it. This left only a few screenshots until January 17th, 2010, when a copy on MySpleen was uploaded by user "Wrath". This version is in poor quality however, and the first few minutes (including the entire intro) are missing. This copy was later uploaded to YouTube by Lost Media member RSTVideo. This is the only copy that has surfaced of the pilot.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Upload of the pilot by wiki contributor RSTVideo.

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