Kick-Off 2002 (partially found Korean-Japanese sports anime series; 2002)

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Kick-Off 2002 poster.

Status: Partially Found

Kick-Off 2002 (キックオフ2002) is a 2002 soccer anime produced by DreamKidNet and KBS Media and was broadcasted in both South Korea and Japan by KBS Media and NHK Broadcasting Company respectively.[1][2] It only aired once from February 18th, 2002, up until September 2nd, 2002, on the Japanese channel NHK KBS-2, with a total of 26 episodes. The series was mainly produced and aired for the 2002 FIFA Joint-World Cup which both Japan and South Korea hosted and took part in.[3]

This anime has a different name in South Korea, being called Grounds of Friendship or Friendship Ground (우정의 그라운드) and was broadcast on KBS 2-TV and also only aired once from February 21st, 2002 until August 15th, 2002.[4][5]

A short synopsis, provided by AllCinema, goes as follows:

"A sports animation co-produced by South Korea and mainly aired in the year of the Japan-Korea Joint World Cup. Through the encounter and interaction between Kenichi, a Japan boy who loves soccer, and striker Kang, who is expected to be the next Korean national team, the film vividly depicts the youth of young people. Kenichi is a young boy who works as a game maker for the Italian youth team, but despite his genius sense, he lacks the energy to win. On the other hand, Kang has a high level of ability and fighting spirit, but he is also able to adapt to his surroundings..."[6]


Out of all 26 episodes, only the first episode entitled "Meeting in a Foreign Country" is available to watch online which was uploaded by YouTuber plaisir on June 1st, 2020. The same user had uploaded the second episode of the series entitled "Through Pass of Friendship" but had since been privated. The only source of them having uploaded the second episode was in a website called TuberTown on which the site archives Japanese videos on their site.[7]

Aside from the episodes that plaisir had posted, no further episodes can be found or watched online. The opening and ending, however, are available to be watched on YouTube.

Episodes List

The episodes list are taken from the Japanese broadcast of Kick-Off 2002 that aired on NHK KBS-2, and not the Korean broadcast that aired on KBS 2-TV.

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Meeting In A Foreign Country February 18, 2002 Found
2 Through Path Of Friendship February 25, 2002 Lost
3 Breaking Into Victory March 4, 2002 Lost
4 The Sweet Trap Of Surrogacy March 11, 2002 Lost
5 Their Trials March 18, 2002 Lost
6 A New Bond March 25, 2002 Lost
7 Lost In The Command Tower April 1, 2002 Lost
8 Turning Point! April 8, 2002 Lost
9 Another Condition April 15, 2002 Lost
10 Last March Part 1 April 22, 2002 Lost
11 Last March Part 2 May 6, 2002 Lost
12 Each Way May 20, 2002 Lost
13 Cold Welcome May 27, 2002 Lost
14 Goals That Call For A Friendship June 3, 2002 Lost
15 Choosing To Be A Pro June 10, 2002 Lost
16 Thick Walls June 17, 2002 Lost
17 Hurt Pride June 24, 2002 Lost
18 Position Of Humiliation July 1, 2002 Lost
19 Words Of Interest July 8, 2002 Lost
20 Bright Signs July 15, 2002 Lost
21 Leap! July 22, 2002 Lost
22 Tiger Fang Is Born! July 29, 2002 Lost
23 Glorious Light And Shadow August 5, 2002 Lost
24 Reunion August 12, 2002 Lost
25 Battle Of The Spirit! August 26, 2002 Lost
26 To The Stage Of Dreams... September 2, 2002 Lost




Episode 1 of the series entitled "Meeting In A Foreign Country," uploaded by plaisir.

A higher definition of the opening theme of the series.

Ending theme of the series.

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