Kidd Video (partially lost DiC animated series; 1984)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Lost

On September 15th, 1984, the first episode of a short-lived Saturday morning cartoon called Kidd Video aired on television. Later it would become a sensation, as the show would have constant popular songs by people such as Lionel Richie or The Police, the main characters themselves being a band named after the show. Kidd Video seemed unstoppable, people called the band the next Monkees and they would have interviews and even perform live in Israel. Their music would be released on cassette and vinyl and the show's select episodes would be released on their own VHS tapes. That is until the show was canceled for unknown reasons. All episodes included a music video, the last episode even including A-ha's Take On Me.

Online Availability

All episodes still exist and can be viewed via YouTube user Kidd Video Flipside.[1] The unfortunate thing is, many are of low quality and many of the original music videos are cut out due to copyright violation. All episodes officially released on VHS have been uploaded along with recordings from WGNT TV which removed music videos, replaced songs, and removed parts of episodes which were only made to use songs.


The Kidd Video Christmas Special