Kyoro-Chan (lost English dub of Japanese anime series; 2010)

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Poster featuring some of the main characters.

Status: Lost

Kyoro-Chan is a Japanese cartoon bird that serves as a mascot for a brand of Morinaga chocolate known as ChocoBall. He first appeared in 1967 in the anime television series "Uchuu-shonen Soran".

He had his own anime series which aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from 1999-2001. It is rumored that this series may have had an English dub that aired in the Philippines and also possibly in India.

The Anime News Network page for the anime lists Richie Campos as an actor for some characters in the dub. Looking at his page reveals that his non-anime roles are in Tagalog (Filipino-language) programming, which would suggest that the English dub (if it really exists) was produced for the Philippines and aired on some channel over there. In 2017, Richie Campos was contacted on Linkedin and said he did in fact dub the voice for the characters listed on Anime News Network. He didn't have any footage of the dub but said that he would try to contact others who worked on it. However he has not responded since and no one else who worked on it has been discovered.

More possible evidence comes from a few articles describing the Summer 2010 program lineup for an Indian channel called POGO, which shows programming in Hindi and English. All of them mention that "a brand new comic show 'Kyoro Chan'" will be airing on the channel. Some of them specifically mention that it would begin airing May 31, 2010 and would be on weekdays at 3:30 PM. It is possible that this was actually a Hindi dub but there is no proof of this as no footage of the show from POGO has surfaced nor can any info on what dub the channel aired be found anywhere.

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