Lobo (found Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis fighting game; 1996)

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Lobo SNES Nintendo Power Page 34.jpg

An advertisement of the SNES version from Nintendo Power.

Status: Found

Date found: Sept 2009 (Genesis) / 05 Oct 2014 (SNES)

Found by: The SEGASaturno community (SEGA Genesis)
Piko Interactive (SNES)

Lobo is a cancelled 1996 fighting video game that was developed by Ocean of America. [1][2]The game is based on the DC comic book series of the same name and was due to be released in Winter 1996 on both Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. However, it was cancelled at the last minute.

The game uses pre-rendered graphics, similar to Donkey Kong Country or Mortal Kombat and also makes use of the Mega Drive Six Button Control Pad.

In September of 2009, the Sega Genesis port of the game was found and leaked by the SEGASaturno community and years later, on October 21st, 2014, plans were made to ship a limited run of reproduction carts of the SNES version to NintendoAge.com. There are six playable characters in the game: Lobo, Shaola, Nitro, Dox, Kringle and Loo, each with their own stage but Lobo is only available during the "Solo" mode.


A French advertisement of the game.

Gameplay from the SNES port of the game #1.


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