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Status: Partially Found

Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! is an animated television series produced by DiC Entertainment and Dualstar Entertainment Group, featuring the voices and likeness of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.[1] It premiered on ABC's One Saturday Morning block from October 20th, 2001 to June 29th, 2002. It was later cancelled after one season due to negative ratings.[2]

Plot[edit | edit source]

The show centres around the globe-trotting movie stars and special agents Misty and Amber (Mary-Kate and Ashley) who use their acting and movie-making skills to help people in need and fight evil doers around the world, with the help of their guy friends Rodney Choy and Ivan Quintero, and their robot dog Quincy. Using high tech gadgets and their own unique sense of style, they perform amazing rescues and protect the planet.

Production[edit | edit source]

On December 1st, 2000, DiC had announced that the show was in production under the working title Action Girls, was in co-production with France’s Canal J, and was being distributed worldwide by DiC. At first, 52 episodes were planned for the show, and the original airdate was in Fall 2001. The budget was at $275,000-$325,000 per episode.[3]

Broadcast[edit | edit source]

After its premiere date on ABC, DiC has also sold the show to ITV (United Kingdom), Canal J (France), Mediaset (Italy), YTV (Canada) and Fox Kids (Latin America) in November 2001.[4]

After the rebranding of One Saturday Morning, renamed ABC Kids, Toon Disney began reairing the show along with other shows from the original One Saturday Morning block.

Release[edit | edit source]

In 2005, Warner Home Video released a volume with one disc titled "Misty and Amber vs. Renee la Rouge", containing 5 episodes centering around the aforementioned Renee la Rouge, one of the show's main villains.[5] These episodes were "Gift With Purchase", "The Cat's Meow", "In a Lather", "Can You Dig It?!", and "Bad Hair Day". They would later be uploaded on YouTube in 2014, and officially rereleased on Apple TV in 2016. The other 21 episodes were not officially released.

Uploads[edit | edit source]

On June 11th, 2017, 20 episodes of the Hungarian dub have been uploaded to YouTube until the account that posted them was terminated.

On April 5th, 2018, the episode "Bug Off" has been found and uploaded to YouTube.

On April 11th-13th, 2021, thirteen more episodes were found in English and uploaded to YouTube. These episodes were

  • "Just Kidding"
  • "Horsing Around"
  • "SPF 5000"
  • "The Mean Team" (partially, as the first 5 minutes are missing)
  • "Operation Evaporation"
  • "Puppy Love"
  • "Tout Sweet"
  • "Out of Her Hair"
  • "Snow Much Fun"
  • "Pants on Fire"
  • "Tourist Traps"
  • "Who Turned the Music Off?"
  • "Big Trouble"

On April 16th, 2021, a Hungarian dub of "Up in the Air" was reuploaded to YouTube with an unofficial English sub.

As of April 2021, 19 out of 26 English episodes have been found. Five episodes have been found in Hungarian, and two episodes have been found in Ukrainian and Greek.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Status
1 SPF 5000 Found
2 Gift With Purchase Found (On DVD and Apple TV)
3 The Mean Team Partially Found (First 5 minutes missing)
4 Who Turned the Music Off? Found
5 Operation Evaporation Found
6 Puppy Love Found
7 Tout Sweet Found
8 The Cat's Meow Found (On DVD and Apple TV)
9 Faster Food Partially Found (Hungarian dub, missing in English)
10 Out of Her Hair Found
11 Snow Much Fun Found
12 In a Lather Found (On DVD and Apple TV)
13 Pants on Fire Found
14 Just Kidding Found
15 Big Trouble Found
16 Catch a Wave Partially Found (Hungarian dub, missing in English)
17 Up in the Air Partially Found (Hungarian dub with English subs, missing in English)
18 Boy Stuff Partially Found (Hungarian dub, missing in English)
19 Bug Off Found
20 Dog Gone Partially Found (Hungarian dub, missing in English)
21 Can You Dig It?! Found (On DVD and Apple TV)
22 Alien Encounters Partially Found (Ukranian dub, missing in English)
23 Bad Hair Day Found (On DVD and Apple TV)
24 Rave Reviews Partially Found (Greek dub, missing in English)
25 Horsing Around Found
26 Tourist Traps Found

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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