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#REDIRECT [[Monster Farm (partially found animated series; 1998-1999)]]
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'''''Monster Farm''''' was a short-lived animated series from Saban that aired one season on the Fox Family network (now Freeform) from 1998 to 1999 on a block called "The Basement" (which consisted of this show, ''Bad Dog'', ''Walter Melon'', and ''Pee-Wee's Playhouse'' reruns).
The series is about a young man from the city named Jack Haylee and the farm he inherits from his great Uncle Harloff. When he arrives, he finds a bizarre collection of farm animals. Together, this unlikely menagerie must work to help their new owner save their home from the curiosity seekers who threaten their wacky world.
Due to the obscurity of the show, and the similarity to the Japanese title of the ''Monster Rancher'' franchise, finding information about the cartoon is next to impossible. It never had a home video or streaming release. [http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/search/Ферма%20чудища The complete Russian dub] (''Ферма чудища'') is available on DailyMotion, and [https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jII6nhdp0JQ one Spanish episode] is available on YouTube.
On February 21, 2018, Robbie Rist (who voiced the main character, Jack Haylee) uploaded the episode "Home Office Horrors" onto YouTube.
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