Noggin Presents: Oobi (partially lost series of interstitial shorts; 2000-2002)

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A scene from the intro used for Noggin airings.

Status: Partially Lost

The first season of the Noggin show Oobi was a series of two-minute interstitial shorts.[1][2] The show eventually ran for three seasons, and the last two seasons were widely released in HD on Amazon and Paramount+.

However, the first season of shorts never got a full, official release. This season's episodes are mostly available from home-recorded clips of Noggin. Three episodes of the season are currently missing.


In the United States, the shorts were mainly shown on Noggin. From late 2000 until early 2003, one short was played before each 30-minute show from 6 AM to 6 PM.[3] For the month of April 2002, Nickelodeon's main channel also aired the shorts as part of a cross-promotion for the Noggin channel.[4]

In Canada, TVOntario aired 46 of the shorts on a rotating schedule.[5] TVO's schedule catalogues are the source of official titles for many of the shorts. However, two of them ("Itsy Bitsy Spider!" and "Toys!") don't appear at all on their schedules, indicating that TVO didn't air the complete collection.


Shortened versions of "Dance!" and "Bubble Bath!" were released on Nick Jr. DVDs from 2003 to 2004, but that was it in terms of official releases. 48 shorts are confirmed to exist.


3 of the 48 known shorts are currently lost. The first short, "Dance!", is only available in an incomplete form.

# Episode Title Status Notes
1 "Dance!" Partially Lost The ending is missing.
2 "Tag!" Found
3 "Flush!" Found
4 "On and Off!" Found
5 "Share Pretzels!" Found
6 "Watermelon!" Found
7 "Soup!" Found
8 "Hot Dog and Ketchup!" Found
9 "Prince Oobi!" Found
10 "Bubbles!" Found
11 "Empty and Full!" Found
12 "Popcorn!" Found
13 "Worm!" Found
14 "Apple Picking!" Found
15 "Pretend Wind!" Found
16 "Tea!" Found
17 "Ice Cream!" Found
18 "Water Games!" Found
19 "Guess!" Found Low-quality.
20 "Bird!" Found
21 "Cat!" Found
22 "Puppy!" Lost
23 "Animal Cookies!" Found
24 "Slide!" Lost A clip of this short is featured in a promo.
25 "Follow the Leader!" Found
26 "Peekaboo!" Found
27 "Dig!" Found
28 "Hide and Seek!" Found
29 "Nature!" Found
30 "Pretend Catch!" Found
31 "Music!" Found
32 "Guitar!" Found
33 "Bongo Drums!" Found
34 "Quiet Read!" Found
35 "Clap Hands!" Found
36 "Painting!" Found
37 "Macaroni Jewelry!" Found
38 "Paint Shapes!" Found
39 "Pinch Pot!" Lost A clip of this short is featured in the intro sequence.
40 "Drawing Game!" Found
41 "Neighborhood Art!" Found
42 "Toothpaste!" Found
43 "Feelings!" Found
44 "Cake!" Found
45 "Wet and Dry!" Found
46 "Bubble Bath!" Found
47 "Itsy Bitsy Spider!" Found
48 "Toys!" Found



Production Photo


A shortened version of the intro sequence, which contains a clip from "Pinch Pot!".

A musical Noggin commercial, which contains a short clip from "Guitar!".

A musical Noggin commercial, which contains an unidentified clip (likely from a bumper), and a clip from "Slide!".

Promos for the Noggin website, one of which contains a clip from "Dance!"'s missing scene.

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