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PXG title-card

Status: Lost

Comment: The 2 series, 5 minute episodes + 30 minute highlight show episodes are currently missing.

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PXG was a children's video-game magazine show created by Prism Entertainment[1] for Jetix UK and covered "reviews, hints, tips and cheats".[2] The show covered video games from the main 3 consoles of the time: PlayStation, Xbox and GameCube (later Wii), hence the name "PXG". Originally, the show was broadcast as interstitials in between programmes on Jetix after the rebranding of Fox Kids, as well as a long-form magazine show which compiled these inerstitals into one on Fridays. The programme was directed and hosted by Kentaro Suyama, as well as being accompanied by a CGI disembodied-head assistant called Game Girl, who was voiced by Haruka Kuroda, the same voice actor who is well known as the VA of Noodle in Gorillaz.[3]


The format of the show revolved around a 4-day schedule, which the segments were then rebroadcast on the Friday edition of PXG:

Big in Japan: Originally broadcast on Mondays, this covered the latest and greatest in video games in Japan, most notably including new console releases or arcades at the time. This was moved to Wednesday during the second season, due to the reshift in UK focus.[4]

Mobile Madness: This was broadcast on Tuesday, which had a focus on handheld devices and consoles. This usually had the format of discussing accessories for the devices, whilst also featuring game reviews of handheld games. This format was untouched in the second season.

Konsole Kids: Usually broadcast on a Wednesday, this would revolve around reviews of console games from the main 3 consoles at the time, which were the PlayStation 2/3, Original Xbox and 360 and GameCube/Wii. In the first season, this was in the format of a gameshow but in the second season it changed to basically only cover game consoles and the games associated with them. This would be moved to Monday, during the second season.

Easy PC: Broadcast on Thursdays, this format consisted of a PC game review whilst in the second half it covered online games available to play for free. This format is eerily similar to Gamezville 's segment which showcased the same format of games accessible online. This format would move to Fridays, replacing the original 'PXG Friday' format.

Top of the Chops: This was a format which originally aired on Fridays, but during the second season it replaced the slot that Easy PC had. This format would now only focus on one game per week on any perticular console.

PXG Friday This was a combined version of the previous segments combining into an half an hour show, which had originally contained the Top of the Chops segment before being moved to Thursdays and Easy PC taking it's place. As well as the previous segments, it also contained previews of upcoming video games and video game jokes, as well as occasional photos of people dressing up as their favourite video game characters during the segment.

Although the main show was mainly left untouched aside a few format changes, in the second season the show would feature user generated content and podcasts from Jetix viewers. The main reason for this slight format change was to "give kids a greater sense of ownership of the show."[5] Unfortunately, in the second season Game Girl was removed completely from the show, but a promotion on kids magazine Sky Kids still featured the character predominantly.[6]


The show would air inbetween adverts during 2005-2006, whilst also airing 13 x 5 episodes, totaling 30 minutes on Fridays.[7] When the second season aired, it's assumed that the show extended it's airtime due to the inclusion of user-generated content, making the show air in a permanent slot on Jetix.

Status of episodes

Although this show was broadcast on Jetix UK, episodes and infromation regarding the show are rare to find on the internet and only 2 clips of reviews and 1 promotion can be found. The Prism Media Production website does not mention anything regarding this lost show, although archived versions of the Prism website display information regarding the show. Footage of the show's intro or clips are hard to locate on YouTube or any other streaming site. It is also rumored that the production company unfortunately closed as Google states the company as "permanently closed"


PXG review of Crash of the Titans.
PXG review of Bee Movie Game
Jetix UK continuity from 2005, which contains a promo for PXG