Roger Rabbit 2 (found production material of cancelled prequels to live-action/animated film; late 1989-1990s)

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Roger 2.jpg

Roger Rabbit in an animated pitch test from 1998, for the intended prequel/sequel.

Status: Cancelled

The movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) had a planned prequel that has been cancelled, which would have been direct-to-video.

The idea of a prequel was thought of by the production as early as the late 1980s, after the original movie's release.

Roger Rabbit: The Toon Platoon (First Project)[edit | edit source]

The first idea for a prequel was Roger Rabbit: The Toon Platoon.

Set during World War II, the story would have involved a young Roger Rabbit rescuing Jessica Rabbit from the Nazis, and the story would have ended with the revelation that Roger’s father is Bugs Bunny.

However, this original idea for the project was discontinued.

Who Discovered Roger Rabbit? (Second Project)[edit | edit source]

In the late 1990s, the idea of a Roger Rabbit prequel was brought back to life, with Steven Spielberg in the commands.

No longer involving the Nazis, this new prequel idea would have been called Who Discovered Roger Rabbit?, and the plot was changed to the story of Roger Rabbit's rise to stardom on Broadway and in Hollywood. This new project would have had CGI along with the expected live-action mixed with traditional animation. The animation would have been developed by Jim Pentecost, who produced Pocahontas.

The intended budget would have been too expensive, and also because of "then-current studio politics", the project was discontinued once again.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Roger Rabbit CGI Test from 1998

In 2009, rumors came that a Roger Rabbit sequel was being worked on byRobert Zemeckis, but nothing came to be from it.

A 10-second animation "pitch test" from 1998, marked Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2 and showing a prancing CGI Roger Rabbit, was leaked online.

It was revealed to have been directed by veteran animator Eric Goldberg, who confirmed the cancellation of the project and specified that the new 3D-animation technique he developed for this test was then later used for the Magic Lamp Theater, a 3D attraction at the Japan-based Tokyo DisneySea.

Any more material that could have been produced for this cancelled prequel is unknown.

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