Rogue One Helmet Creator (lost online game; 2016)

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A helmet created by a user.

Status: Partially lost

Comment: While much of the game has been documented, the creator has been unplayable, with all links to the site redirecting to either the main Disney Website, or the

The Rogue One helmet creator was a browser-based online game used to promote the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In the game, users could choose the arrangement, color, and decals of a 3D rebel pilot helmet. The decals included the stylings of pilots from both the original trilogy of films, as well as rogue one, the film it exists to promote. Users could customize the top of the helmet mohawk, the sides of the mohawk, the sides of the helmet proper, and the 'Hero symbol' on the front of the helmet. [1]

Not only could users create their own helmets, but could also create names and squadrons to which the helmet belonged, with the name appearing on the side of the helmet in the Star Wars alphabetical script of Aurebesh. Once finished with their helmet, a user could view a 3d model of their creation, and could download a gif on the helmet spinning, and could also place their face into a cutout of a rebel pilot wearing their helmet, and were able to share their creations. The game featured a link to buy tickets for the film.
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