Sam (lost film; 1998)

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Album cover for the soundtrack of the film.

Status: Lost

Sam was a film directed by Richie Vetter. The soundtrack of the film has been released, however the film itself is not available publicly. It is know to have been aired at least once on the television network IFC[1]

The film's working name was Wicked City. Which the soundtrack of the film is titled as.


"Sam's a 17-year-old small town girl who arrives in New York to study architecture with nothing but the pack on her back. Sam's entranced by the East Village, but soon finds herself out on the street with no cash or resources. She can't call her parents - they didn't want her to leave - and the grandmother who prepaid her first semester's tuition has died, so Sam's forced to fend for herself as best she can."[2]

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