Sandy Stories (found Sprout iOS/flash game; 2013)

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Sandy Stories Game Logo.png

The iOS app logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Back in August 2012, the 5th season of The Good Night Show premiered and drastically changed the formula of the show with new segments and a new theme. One of these new segments was "Sprout a Sandy Story" where a story would be illustrated using sand and Nina & Star would be the narrators. Shortly after the season premiered Sprout launched a flash game and iOS app based on the segments titled Sandy Stories.


In Sandy Stories, the player would be able to create their own "Sandy Story". There was a toolbox with objects that the user could place inside the story. Objects include 3 circles of various sizes, a moon, a star, a teddy bear, and a firefly. There was also a blank option that would clear everything off the screen, and a pitcher tool that would add new sand. When done with the story, the user could share with other people, or start over.[1]

There is no gameplay footage of the flash/iOS game, and app reviews, anywhere online. Around late 2017 to early 2018, the game is no longer available to download off the iTunes App Store. Somewhere between 2018 and 2020, Discord user Computerdude77 found the flash version of the game. It was then uploaded to the Internet Archive by LMW user P0902151.[2]


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