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(It's more than 50% found, that makes it partially lost)
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|image=Disneys sing me a story with belle title.jpg
|image=Disneys sing me a story with belle title.jpg
|imagecaption=Title card.
|imagecaption=Title card.
|status=<span style="color:orange;">'''Partially Found'''</span>
|status=<span style="color:orange;">'''Partially Lost'''</span>
'''''Disney's Sing Me a Story with Belle''''' is an American live-action series created by Patrick Davidson and Melissa Gould.
'''''Disney's Sing Me a Story with Belle''''' is an American live-action series created by Patrick Davidson and Melissa Gould.
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[[Category:Lost TV]]
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[[Category:Lost animation]]
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[[Category:Partially lost media]]

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Disneys sing me a story with belle title.jpg

Title card.

Status: Partially Lost

Disney's Sing Me a Story with Belle is an American live-action series created by Patrick Davidson and Melissa Gould.

The series features Belle from Beauty and the Beast, who runs the local village book & music shop. She is usually greeted by children who would like to hear a story.

In a format similar to Shining Time Station, Belle (Lynsey McLeod), her puppet friends Harmony the Cat (Jeff Conover), Big Book (Jim Cummings), bookworms Lewis & Carroll (Jim Cummings & the late Christine Cavanaugh), and the villagers who visit the store interact with the children and teaches them life lessons, morals, and solutions by narrating stories, interpreted to the home viewer through animated shorts from the Disney archives paired with the show's original songs.

The show was made to showcase higher-quality animation made for the E/I requirement, being an early example of a show made to fulfill it, another example being The Fox Cubhouse, which is also lost.

The series premiered in syndication on September 8, 1995. That same day, another Disney TV series based on The Lion King called Timon & Pumbaa also premiered.

As of 2017, 15 out of 65 episodes have resurfaced through the web Archive.

On December 17, 2017, Lost Media Wiki user Babydaisylover found an episode named "Overcoming Fear" on YouTube.


While 65 episodes are known to exist, only 26 have been identified with titles.

# Episode Title Status Found by
1 Everybody Needs a Friend LOST
2 Feeling Like an Outcast FOUND Nelly Goblin
3 Folk Heroes FOUND Nelly Goblin
4 Everyone's Special LOST
5 Stick to It (Don't Give Up) FOUND Lindsey McLeod Fans
6 Taking Responsibility FOUND Lindsey McLeod Fans
7 Working Together FOUND Lindsey McLeod Fans
8 Overcoming Fear FOUND Babydaisylover/Nelly Goblin
9 Problem Solving: Ingenuity LOST
10 Valuing What's Worthy FOUND Nelly Goblin
11 Reap What You Sow FOUND Lindsey McLeod Fans
12 Best Friends LOST
13 Taking the Easy Way Out FOUND Nelly Goblin
14 Steady Effort FOUND Jake Rutigliano
15 Sibling Rivalry LOST
16 Feeling Left Out (Loneliness) LOST
17 Wonderful World of Music FOUND Lindsey McLeod Fans
18 Creativity and Inspiration LOST
19 Temptation FOUND Nelly Goblin
20 Sleepover FOUND Nelly Goblin
21 Talent Show LOST
22 What's Inside Counts FOUND Jake Rutigliano
23 Be Yourself LOST
24 Friends in Books FOUND Nelly Goblin
25 Make a Difference FOUND Nelly Goblin
26 Do Something FOUND Nelly Goblin



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