Sonic 3D Blast (found cassette demo tape of unused game soundtrack; 1996)

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Picture of the cassette tape

Status: Lost

Overview[edit | edit source]

Sonic 3D Blast was an isometric pseudo-3D platformer developed by Travelers Tales to be Sonic's first step into 3D to rival the Nintendo 64's Super Mario 64. It received a Sega Genesis release plus a Satun release alongside a spinoff on the GameGear similarly named Sonic Blast. The game received mixed opinions from critics and fans alike, and in short, was considered a failed attempt at bringing the Blue Blur to 3D.

Background[edit | edit source]

During the creation of Sonic 3D Blast, renowned Sonic composer Jun Senoue created an original soundtrack that was to be used for the game. However, due to storage limitations, said music could not be added to the game, so the music was scrapped, making the demo lost.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The cassette tape contained many pieces of music that were to be used in the game but never made the cut due to cartridge limitations These tracks are: - Opening Theme Short Ver. - Opening Theme Long Ver. (May have been a skip option for the cutscene)

- Power Up (Likely cut and used in Sonic Adventure)

- Green Alley Zone Act 1 (Likely an early name for Green Grove Zone)

- Casino Night Zone Act 1 (Possibly a casino themed level that was planned but cut)

- Boss Theme Major Key and Minor Key (Likely A boss for each act with minor for the first act and major for the next boss)

- Special Stage

- Special Stage (Tails)-(A version of the special stage if you give 50 rings to Tails)

- Special Stage (Knuckles) another version Of the Special Stage music that was cut and repurposed for Sonic Adventure For Twinkle Park

Availability[edit | edit source]

No music from the demo has resurfaced but a copy has been known to exist. Jon Burton, founder Of Travelers Tales And TT Games, stated on his YouTube channel GameHut that he owns the demo tape that was given to him back in 1996. He further stated that he wanted to release its contents but under the permission of SEGA. At the SXSW Sonic Q and A session, a fan asked Aaron Webber (social media coordinator at Sega of America) about the demo tape and if Jon Burton would be able to release it legally. Webber responded by saying that it could possibly be ok if Burton were to tweet him about the tape. As of now, further input has been given by both parties, so it remains lost.

Picture Of The Cassette Tape