Sonic Live in Sydney (lost footage of video game-based live show; 1997-2000)

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Status: Lost

Sonic Live in Sydney was an 1½ hour live show hosted at the Sega World Sydney amusement park. It was set in an alternate timeline based around the Saturday-morning Sonic animated series and the Sonic 3 video game where Doctor Robotnik's Death Egg crashes in Australia instead of Angel Island, causing him to attempt a takeover of Sydney.

There were three songs, respectively sung by Sonic, Dr. Robotnik, and Sally Acorn, of which have all been recorded on audio and uploaded on YouTube. However, no video has surfaced online as of now, and both Sega World Sydney and, consequently, the live show were closed in 2000 followed by the building it was hosted in being demolished in 2008, meaning that the chance of footage is even lower.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Three songs from the show.