Speaking of Animals (partially lost Tex Avery short film series; 1941-1949)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Lost

Speaking of Animals was a theatrical short film series that lasted from 1941 to 1949. The shorts consisted of live-action footage of animals combined with animated lip movement which was done by using a rotoscope system. They also featured the usage of puns, sight gags, and slapstick jokes. The series was created by animator Tex Avery, who was best known for his creations such as Bugs Bunny and Droopy. 50 shorts were made, but only 33 of them have been found and uploaded by YouTuber Clips and More while the others have not been found nor uploaded online.

History[edit | edit source]

The idea for the film series was conceptualized by cartoon director Tex Avery at Leon Schlesinger Productions (which would later be known as Warner Bros. Cartoons) in 1941 and was pitched to producer Leon Schlesinger who turned down the offer. Following Avery's suspension from the studio, he went to Jerry Fairbanks, who produced the Unusual Occupations series for Paramount Pictures, and pitched the idea to him and received his approval to start the series. Tex directed the first three shorts, the first one being Down on the Farm which received an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Subject, One-Reel nomination at the 14th Academy Awards, before he left to work for MGM's cartoon department.[1] The series continued without him, lasting for eight years along with earning two Academy Awards for Best Live Action Short Subject, One-Reel for two shorts being Speaking of Animals and Their Families and Who's Who in Animal Land at the 15th and 17th Academy Awards respectively.

Shorts[edit | edit source]

# Short Status
1 Down on the Farm Found
2 In a Pet Shop Lost
3 In the Zoo Lost
4 At the County Fair Lost
5 In the Circus Lost
6 At the Dog Show Lost
7 In South America Found
8 And Their Families Found
9 At the Bird Farm Lost
10 In Current Events Lost
11 At the Cage Door Canteen Partially Found
12 In the Garden Lost
13 In the Desert Lost
14 Tales of the Border Found
15 In Winter Quarters Lost
16 In the Newsreels Lost
17 Your Pet Problem Found
18 In a Harem Found
19 Monkey Business Found
20 As Babies [hhttps://youtu.be/wlTIqGOAmZ8Found]
21 Who's Who in Animal Land Found
22 In the Public Eye Lost
23 Talk of the Town Lost
24 In a Musical Way Found
25 From A to Zoo Found
26 Animal-ology Lost
27 The Hill-Billies Found
28 In the Post War Era Found
29 In the Wilds Found
30 The Lonesome Stranger Found
31 Be Kind to Animals Found
32 Stork Crazy Found
33 Pooch Parade Partially Found
34 Country Life Found
35 They're Not So Dumb Found
36 In Love Found
37 As Our Friends Found
38 Dog Crazy Found
39 Ain't Nature Grand Found
40 Monkeyshines Found
41 Home Sweet Home Found
42 Tain't So Found
43 As Headliners Found
44 The Gnu Look Found
45 Calling All Animals Found
46 Meet the Champ Found
47 Hocus Focus Found
48 Going Hollywood Found
49 Video Hounds Lost
50 Fun on the Farm Found

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The first short Down on the Farm which was nominated for an Academy Award.
The short Speaking of Animals and Their Families which received an Academy Award.
The short Who's Who in Animal Land which received an Academy Award.
An excerpt of At the Cage Door Canteen as seen in the Pee-Wee's Playhouse episode "Tons of Fun".

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