Spider-Man Safety Series (partially found direct-to-video animated educational series; 1990)

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Status: Lost

Spider-Man Safety Series is a line of direct-to-video animated educational tapes by Coronet/MTI Film & Video that were distributed by The Learning Company. Released in 1990, four separate video tapes were produced: Don’t Hide Abuse, Smart Kids Play it Safe, What To Do About Drugs and Where Do You Go for Help. Created to be ran in an elementary classroom setting, each copy came with a lesson plan for teachers to instruct their students with after watching.

The VHS release has long gone out of print and due to being sold exclusively to schools, copies are difficult to obtain. No footage of any of the three has surfaced online. An official re-release is unlikely, as it would have to be cleared by Disney.


Don’t Hide Abuse

"The Spider-Man video addresses the issue of physical abuse. Maria, a young elementary student, is afraid to tell anyone that her father physically abuses her. Her friends become suspicious of her bruises and they ask Spider-man to help out. Spider-man is able to give the children advice and eventually, Maria tells her secret to a trusted adult.

This presentation is appropriate for second graders. They will become aware of physical abuse and how it is different from a normal discipline. It also reinforces the need to have a support system of trusted adults that they feel comfortable talking to. Our main goal in all of our programs is the importance of students telling adults about bad secrets, which is defined during the facilitation. The students are also asked during our visit to name some adults that would be included in their personal support system."[1]

Run Time: 11 minutes[2]

Smart Kids Play It Safe

"In this video, Spider-Man invites viewers to follow his friends, E.J., Timmy, Maria, and Jason, on their way home from elementary school and discover how they handle the secret safety tests he has arranged. Spider-Man’s friends prove they are responsible for following the seven safety rules he has taught them. SPIDER-MAN: SMART KIDS PLAY IT SAFE is a children’s safety guide about walking home from school and being home alone. This program is fully animated with a multi-cultural cast of characters."[3]

Run Time: 11 minutes[4]

What To Do About Drugs

"When Timmy, an elementary school student, is offered drugs by two very persuasive older boys, his friends enlist the help of Spider-Man to teach him about drugs and making good decisions."

Run Time: 11 minutes[5]

Where Do You Go for Help

Little is known about this entry.