The Bethke brothers tape (partially found footage of flying rescue; 1989)

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A screenshot of the partially found footage.

Status: Partially Lost

Creating Bethke brothers' incredible flying rescue over the Berlin Wall - original footage is the real 1988 footage of the successful Egbert Bethke flying rescue from East Germany that was organised and shot by his two older brothers - Ingo and Holger Bethke. The video features two lightweight airplanes (a camera is attached to one of them) flying over the Berlin wall, landing of one of the planes on a park in East Berlin and the successful fly-away . According to History Channel, the camera was switched on at 4:22 AM and switched off at at 4:38 AM.

Presence in media and online[edit | edit source]

The footage was partially shown on many different TV shows and documentary films, however, the full video of the flight is unable to be found

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Description of the escape and partially shown footage by History channel (starts at 1:17:04 )
Unknown documentary featuring some of the footage (starts at 0:01:57 )
Germany TV-Show 'Na siehste' showcasing this escape to the general public