The Charlie Horse Music Pizza (partially lost PBS Kids series; 1998-1999)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

The Charlie Horse Music Pizza was a spin-off of Lamb Chop's Play Along that premiered on PBS Kids in 1998.

The show tells the story of a seaside pizzeria run by Shari Lewis and her puppet friends Charlie Horse, Lamb Chop and Hush Puppy, alongside some new characters created for this show. The show emphasized music education, and each episode taught a specific lesson about music. The show was cancelled in the fall of 1998 after Shari Lewis died of complications from ovarian cancer.

The show is extremely hard to find on the Internet. Of the 23 episodes made of the show, only two exist in full, one exists partially, while two more full episodes were recorded from a video camera. Other than these episodes, no other episodes exist on the Internet. Wikipedia claims that Sony Wonder released VHS tapes of the show, but no evidence of the tapes can be found online, meaning that this claim could be false.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Status
1 Back Story Camrip found
2 My Dog Has Fleas Camrip found
3 Musicians of Bremen Lost
4 Blow Hard Lost
5 Follow The Leader Lost
6 Spooky Opera Show Found
7 A Pirate's Life Lost
8 The Audition Lost
9 Group Soup Lost
10 Rapunzel Lost
11 Toy Exchange Lost
12 Charlie On The Run Lost
13 Wise Queen Lost
14 Star-Spangled Charlie Lost
15 Charlie's Ants Partially found
16 Whistle While You Work Found
17 Jazzy Lost
18 Hush Puppy The Hero Lost
19 Can I Sing You My Song? Lost
20 Drum Show Lost
21 One Man Band Lost
22 The George and Bill Show Lost
23 Goodbye, Hello Lost