The Dinky-Di's (partially found Australian animated TV series; 1991-1992)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

The Dinky-Di's was an Australian animated television series that also aired dubbed in Poland, Italy, Japan, and Korea. It was created by Mel Bradford, owned by Roo Films, Pty. and animated by Chinese company Pacific Rim Productions, Inc.


The Dinky-Di's premiered in 1991 in Australia, on August 21st, 1995 in Italy, in 1997 in Korea, and on January 10th, 1998 in Poland. It has since faded into obscurity, and no official release has been made of the series since it stopped airing.[1][2]


The show follows a group of andromorphic animals, the titular Dinky-Dis, who go around the world saving rare and endangered animals and plants, while educating the audience on the importance of environmental preservation. This group consists of of Bill Buffalo, Cass Iopia, Cauda Kiwi, Chopa, Equulus Emu,[3] Ernest, Lazur Lion, Plaeides Panda,[4][5] Plato Pus, Sasakawa,[6] Zennie, and their leader Aussie Roo. The group of rescuers fight against Mephisto, a cat-like eco-terrorist who is always engulfed in shadow, and his minions: Ganny Goanna, Hugo Hyena, Rancid Rodent, and Serpent Sam.

Found Media

Out of the 26 episodes only 3 have resurfaced; "Baron of Babel", the twelfth episode, the first half of the first episode, "Lost, One Dinky Di", a full version of the Polish dub of said episode, and a three-minute snippet of the episode "The Bilby Tale". It is unknown where "The Bilby Tale" falls into the watching order. Additionally, the opening, of the Korean dub of the show has been found, as well as a music sequence from the first episode.

The character designer and background artist Andrew Trimmer has a sizeable collection of his work for the show available on his online portfolio. Most notable among this is what appears to be numerous backgrounds and character designs for the season finale "Small Hippo, Big Bust."[4]

Roo, Pty. Ltd. filed copyrights for several episodes and character artworks in the United States Copyright Office in January 1991. The copyrights reveal the names for Equulus Emu, Plaeides Panda, Sasakawa, the unknown character Lennie Llama,[7] and the episodes "The Howling crystal"[8] and "Winds of the Whio."[9]

There are also YouTube Poops online made from some clips of the missing episodes, but the creator of these no longer has access to them.

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