The Grover Monster - Jean Marsh Cartoon Special (lost TV special; 1975)

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Jean Marsh (Left) and Grover (Right).

Status: Lost

The Grover Monster—Jean Marsh Cartoon Special, also referred to as The Jean Marsh Cartoon Special, aired over PBS stations in March 1975. Jean Marsh, with the assistance of Grover, hosted a collection of the best animation from Sesame Street and The Electric Company, including award-winning shorts by Chuck Jones and John Hubley. David Connell produced, and Norman Stiles and Jim Thurman wrote the linking material.

The only evidence concerning this special's existence is a promotional photo that was sold on eBay and can be seen at right. In addition, it is unknown precisely what segments the special used, let alone by Jones or Hubley. Since this special aired when home recording was in its infancy, it's unlikely that anyone recorded it, though Sesame Workshop might have a copy of at least the Grover/Marsh framing segments.