The Noddy Shop (found American-Canadian adaptation of British children's TV series; 1998-2000)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

The Noddy Shop, also known as Noddy in Toyland in the UK and Australia, or simply Noddy, is a Canadian-American TV series adaptation of Enid Blyton's Noddy created by Rick Siggelkow. The series used recycled footage from the British series Noddy's Toyland Adventures in two part segments during the episodes. It originally aired from September 28, 1998 to February 16, 2000 for a total of 66 episodes on PBS Kids, CBC Kids, CBBC, TV Poland, and TVOntario’s children’s block TVOKids.

Two versions of the show were made, the first plainly titled Noddy, in which the Noddy's Toyland Adventures segments were re-dubbed with US voices and new music, and the second version is known as Noddy in Toyland (not to be confused with the 2009 series of the same name) which kept the original UK audio during the Toyland segments.


Out of the show's 66 episodes, only around nine have been officially released across two VHS tapes (Noddy in Toyland: Noddy and Friends & Toyland: Noddy's Magic Video) and one DVD (Noddy in Toyland), all of which were only released in the UK and Australia in small quantities. In total 9 episodes were released on home video, six of which have been released online. 3 VHS tapes of Noddy, whilst not containing the live action segments, were released in the early 2000s in the US by Polygram Video and USA Home Entertainment, 3 of which have been posted on YouTube by ahatbears. These VHS tapes also had 2 songs on them, but the songs contained on the tapes have not been posted on YouTube.

Besides the 6 episodes previously mentioned and the 9 additional Noddy's Toyland Adventures segments, the episode "Skunked" was uncovered from the "Internet Archive's Understanding 9/11" sub-site, "Something's Lost, Something's Found", "To the Rescue" and "The Tooth Fairy" were found from CBBC (BBC2) Broadcasts from 2000, "Chills and Spills" was found from an original PBS Broadcast, and "Treasure Hunt" was found from an original CBC broadcast.

Also in existence is a promotional CD released in Canada for the show called "NODDY Songs" that contains several songs from the live-action segments. [1]


Episode List

# Episode Title Status
1 The Magic Key Found (UK Dub) (Noddy in Toyland: Noddy and Friends VHS, episode songs are also on NODDY Songs CD)
2 Monkey Business Lost (song is on NODDY Songs CD)
3 Mixed up Magic Lost
4 Lost and Found Lost (song is on NODDY Songs CD)
5 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Goblins Lost (song is on NODDY Songs CD)
6 The Tooth Fairy Found (UK Dub) (song is on NODDY Songs CD)
7 Stop, Listen and Learn Found (UK Dub) (Noddy In Toyland DVD)
8 Making up is Easy to Do Lost (Noddy in Toyland: Noddy's Magic Video VHS)
9 If at First You Don't Succeed... Lost
10 The Birthday Party Lost
11 Telling Tails Lost
12 It's About Time Partially Found (episode songs are on
13 A Promise is a Promise Partially Found
14 To the Rescue Found (UK Dub)
15 Chills and Spills Found (US Dub)
16 The Big Race Lost
17 A Dog's Best Friend Found (UK Dub) (Noddy in Toyland: Noddy and Friends VHS)
18 Hooray for the Kids Lost (song is on NODDY Songs CD)
19 The Mystery Box Lost
20 We All Say Boo! Lost (song is on NODDY Songs CD)
21 Trying Something New Lost
22 The Fish Story Lost
23 The Big Fight Found (UK Dub) (Noddy in Toyland: Noddy and Friends VHS)
24 Following Directions Lost
25 Mixed Up Masks Lost
26 Truman, Come Home Lost
27 Something's Lost, Something's Found Found (UK Dub)
28 The Magic Show Lost (Noddy in Toyland: Noddy's Magic Video VHS, episode song on NODDY songs CD)
29 The Big Mess Found (UK Dub) (Noddy In Toyland DVD)
30 Recipe for Learning Noddy Segment Found (US Dub) (Noddy Loses His Bell VHS) (Song on NODDY Songs CD)
31 Recycle and Reuse It Lost
32 Telling the Whole Truth Lost (Noddy in Toyland: Noddy's Magic Video VHS)
33 Secret Valentines Lost
34 Sing Yourself to Sleep Lost (Song on NODDY Songs CD)
35 Treasure Hunt Found (US Dub)
36 Jack Frost is Coming to Town Lost
37 The Trouble with Truman Found (UK Dub) (Noddy In Toyland DVD)
38 Let's Go Fly a Kite Lost (song on NODDY songs CD)
39 Think Big Lost (song is on NODDY Songs CD)
40 Noah's Leaving Lost (song is on NODDY Songs CD)
41 Anything Can Happen At Christmas Lost
42 Little Swap of Horrors Lost
43 Dance to Your Own Music Lost
44 Ask Permission Lost
45 Take a Stand Lost
46 The Sandman Cometh Lost
47 Noah's Treasure Partially Found
48 Be True to Who you Are Lost
49 All Play and No Work Lost
50 April Fool Lost
51 Lights, Camera, Chaos Lost
52 How Rude Partially Found
53 Part of the Family Lost
54 Big Bullies Lost
55 Paying Attention to Kate Lost
56 Skunked Found (US Dub) (UK Dub)
57 Thunder and Lightning Lost
58 Going Bananas Lost
59 Slugger Lost
60 Find your Own Song Lost
61 The Big Showdown Lost
62 Growing Lies Lost
63 The Human Touch Lost
64 Be Patient Lost
65 Kate Loves a Parade Partially Found (Clips used in PBS Kids promo)
66 Closing up Shop Lost

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