The Rimini Riddle (partially found Irish puppet TV series; 1992-1995)

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Status: Partially Found

The Premise

The Rimini Riddle is an Irish television puppet show that aired during the 90's in the Ireland broadcasting networks RTE and Network 2. It was part of a television block called "Saturday Club" and aired two seasons worth of episodes. The premise of the show is mostly unknown, due to many rumours going around about it. The Rimini Riddle is about three orphans, named Rory, Leo, and Ellen, who live with their aunt named "Vera".

The Rimini Riddle is about the riddle in the Rimini household. They live beside a beach and the orphans are not aloud to go swimming. Ellen meets two little girls on the beach. The mystery has something to do with the two girls from Aunt Vera's precious picture, which were said they have drowned.

It is also known to have many story and character arcs, especially for a kid's show and it's also known to be a "Puppet soap opera".

The Search

Throughout that time, two clips surfaced, one of a clip of the Valentine's Special, and the other being an unknown episode with a clip from the puppeteer. The search for the show has dated back since September 24, 2008 in There has been a Facebook group dedicated to looking for the show and forum posts talking about the memories of the show, negative and positive. No home media release has come up.