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Heyo~ I'm Floobadoo. I go by many confusing nicknames such as Flooba, Floob, Doobafloo, Doob, Dooba, Doobie, or Doobz.

I've been interested in lost media since 2015 when the YouTuber "Blameitonjorge" began making videos about lost movies and television episodes based on many articles on this wiki. I decided to read up on more, and make an account for the site. Since then I've become a moderator on the LMW's Discord server.

I'm quite fond of anthropomorphic animal characters, especially those of the feline variety. I love many kinds of games, especially 16-bit retro games. I'm heavily attached to many things, such as the band Gorillaz, Nepeta Leijon from Homestuck, my friends and their characters, and my own furry cat that I use to represent myself online. I like to keep a balance between the mainstream and the obscure or strange.

Most Wanted Lost Media

Favorite Found Media