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Gorillaz27 (aka Tripson)

Status: 'Currently Gone

The Long Goodbye[edit | edit source]

To All the Editors of the LMW,

For the past three years, I have been fortunate to be a member of this great community. There are many happy moments I have been able to share with you guys: Clock Man, ADWSS, Made in Point Richmond, and more. Though I was never on the Forums or Discord (something I regret), I tried to be a part of the community, whether it was editing articles or giving feedback to those who made them.

However, a problem has arisen. I have done 100% of my edits on this school owned Chromebook, and as the school year ends, I am faced with a problem. I have been told I must turn Chromebook in forever, leaving me with no place to edit. Now, can I get a computer? Of course, it's just that there will be a decent amount of time in which my account will be inactive, and I didn't want anyone questioning where I was for the time being.

Before I go, there are many people who I would like to thank. First, Ryanskip (aka Ryanskii, aka Mynameismeh), whose sarcastic sense of humor (and great articles) have entertained me for a long time. Second, Happy Brian, whose upbeat positivity, diligence, and sometimes deep insights about life (just look at his forum signature!) have sometimes helped me through tough times. Another person I would like to thank is Paul McCartney, whose careful patience in making articles was an example I tried to follow. My final thanks go out to all the Admins and Mods who have made my experience here most enjoyable. You guys have constantly amazed me with your talent and articles, and have constantly been something of an inspiration to me, whether you knew it or not. Thank you all for making this period of my life less shitty than I perceived it to be.

I can't guarantee I will be back, but I will try my damndest. Adieu, goodbye, until we meet again!

And of Course, Happy Editing! --Tripson (talk) 14:29, 25 May 2018 (UTC)