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Cover for the book.

Status: Lost

Starting in 2006, a Harry Potter fanfiction under the name My Immortal was written serially purportedly by a woman named Tara Gillespie under the username XXXbloodyrists666XXX. The story had ended up gaining a reputation of one of the worst fanfictions ever written, with people citing the nonsensical presence of "gothic" subculture in the Harry Potter universe, the protagonist who is designed to serve as wish fulfillment for Gillespie, and the many spelling and grammatical errors.[1]

It is unknown if Tara Gillespie was indeed a real person, or whether or not the fanfiction was written sincerely or as a satire of the cliches featured in fanfiction. Many people have claimed to be Tara Gillespie in the many years since the release of the final chapter in 2007.

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