Vor-Tech: Undercover Conversion Squad (partially found animated series; 1996-1997)

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Logo for the series.

Status: Partially Found

Vor-Tech: Undercover Conversion Squad was an animated series produced by Universal Cartoon Studios that aired as part of Claster Television's syndicated Power Block from Fall 1996 to September 1997.[1], running 13 episodes[2]

The show told the conflicts between Hudson Roarke and his cade of secret agents, and the evil BioMechs lead by Roarke's older brother Lord Matrix, a madman intent on spreading a virus that turns its victims into biomechanical beings. Both sides waged their battles with ability-enhancing mechanical masks and transforming vehicles.

While its tie-in toyline is relatively well-documented due to its ties to the older and more popular M.A.S.K franchise (both shows shared very similar premises and the toyline for both was produced by Kenner, with the Vor-Tech toys being lower-quality retools of M.A.S.K toys.[3] According to writer David Bennett Carren, Vor-Tech was created as a way to reuse the M.A.S.K toy. molds[4]), availability of the animated series is highly limited: until November 7 2019 (where a full VHS rip of the episode "Hunger" was uploaded on YouTube by the channel "TF Archive"[5]), the only footage available of the show online were a low-quality rip of its opening sequence and two excerpts on YouTube of an unidentified episode, totaling two minutes of footage.

The series was dubbed in Spanish under the title Vor Tech Los Guerreros del futuro[6], although no details about the dub and its airing are available online.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Opening sequence.
Excerpt of an unidentified episode.
2nd excerpt from an unidentified episode.
Spanish opening and excerpts of another episode.

Full "They Hunger" episode

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