What A Cartoon! (found Cartoon Network animated anthology series; 1995-1997)

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The What A Cartoon! Show was an animation showcase series created by Fred Seibert, which aired on Cartoon Network. The series aired its first short, "The Powerpuff Girls in Meat Fuzzy Lumkins" on February 20, 1995 as a "World Premiere Toon". During the original run of the shorts, the series was re-titled from "World Premiere Toons" to "The What A Cartoon! Show" and later to "The Cartoon Cartoon Show", this time with no What A Cartoon! intro and a new theme. This version of the shorts broadcast for a period in the early 2000's as a part of the Cartoon Cartoon Show block and on Boomerang for a while in the summer of 2007. Those are currently the most prevalent versions of the shorts online today. The project ultimately brought 6 original winning series to the network, including The Powerpuff Girls, Cow and Chicken, Dexters Laboratory, and Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Despite massive popularity at the time and bringing the struggling network out of its minor financial depravities, it never had any video releases of any kind. (besides a few shorts being featured as "bonus toons" on select Cartoon Network VHS's). As a result, only 38 out of the 48 original The What a Cartoon! Show broadcasts of the shorts have surfaced online through YouTube and other video websites such as Vimeo.

The missing versions of the shorts are the original "What A Cartoon!" versions, which have an extended intro where a character to be featured on that cartoon will say the title (What A Cartoon), followed by rock music. (the rock music also played during the credits)

The 10 missing original versions of the shorts:

Dexters Laboratory Boid N' Woim (incomplete original copy is online dubbed in Spanish) Buy One, Get One Free (incomplete original copy is online) Podunk Possum in "One Step Beyond" (incomplete original copy is online) Wind Up Wolf (Title sequence is completely missing on this short) Awfully Lucky Johnny Bravo in "The Amazon Women" Snoot's New Squat The Zoonatiks in "Home Sweet Home" (incomplete original copy is online) Pfish and Chip in "Blammo the Clown"