A Martian Christmas (partially found American-Mexican straight-to-video animated film; 2009)

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A Martian Christmas DVD cover.webp

Poster for the film.

Status: Partially Found

A Martian Christmas is a 2009, American-Mexican,[1] straight-to-video, holiday/Christmas, sci-fi, children's animated film. It was co-written by John Behnke, Rob Humphrey, and Alex Mann. The director was José Alejandro Garcia Munoz. Co-production was by Toonz Media Group with Anima Estudios, PorchLight Entertainment,[2] and Telegael. Supposedly it premiered on T.V., but there hasn't been any evidence that suggests confirming that. It is considered to be one of the rarest animated films ever due to its shortage of promotion.[3]


After Martians find a device that they believe came from Earth and jump to that conclusion, they decide to plan to wage war on the Earthlings. One alien/Martian named Zork, is a part of that mission. His son, Kip, stows away on the ship Zork takes for quality time with him. Zork is unaware of this, at first, until a pod where Kip hides is released from the ship accidentally and Kip ends up jettisoning to Earth. Zork discovers this and has to hurry to get his son back before the war commences. Kip ends up being lost, but meets an Earthling named Roxy and befriends her. While on Earth, he learns about the spirit of Christmas, what the true meaning behind it is, and why it is celebrated. Eventually, Zork and the other Martians realize the misunderstanding and error they made. They have to call off the war before disaster occurs.


The movie is currently unavailable in its completion online. All that has been found is the trailer and a few clips that showcase demos of some aspect of it, like the film score. Although it has yet to appear on a streaming site in full, the DVD can still be bought on online stores like Amazon.[4]


Trailer for the film.


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