A Message from Mike and Melissa (lost animated YouTube video; 2011)

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The video's thumbnail.

Status: Lost

A Message from Mike and Melissa (or Mike and Melissa Hang Out with A Squirrel) was a short animated video posted to YouTube by Mike Chenoweth around 2011.


Mike and Melissa is a series of videos created by Mike Chenoweth about his real life imaginary skunk girlfriend Melissa Mouffette.[1]

The video was posted onto YouTube sometime in 2011. It was later screened at a local University film festival on December 19th, 2011. It won an award for "Best End of Semester Film/Fake SAC Term Paper." The video is titled as "Mike and Melissa Hang out with a Squirrel" on the list of awards.[2]

It was kept up on YouTube until at least late 2014 when Mike deleted all of his videos and social media accounts. Currently only episode 1 has been reposted.


A user commented the following on a video discussing Mike and Melissa:

"I was actually there for the first mike and melissa threads in 2013/14 and while it traumatized me to no end, I'm surprised that only now it came back to the public eye, especially when all Mike stuff disappeared from the internet (and probably as a precaution too, the original /co/ thread had people wanting to dox him or something, they were never exactly the brightest board), including 2 Mike and Melissa videos, fully animated though each was like 2 or 3 minutes long, though my memory is fuzzy about one, I can definately remember the second one. It was called ''a message from mike and melissa'' or something and it begins with Mike working his ass off in his assignment, Melissa comes in all bubbly and he's getting stressed out of his mind, having his Oscar moment on the microphone, she points to a squirrel outside, careless, at peace, happy. and that's basicaly the jist of the episode, don't push yourself too hard, it ends with them two climbing a tree and howling while other students do the same, I think, I honestly don't remember well how it ends."

Script from Memory

The user that wrote the previous comment was asked to write a script of "A Message from Mike and Melissa" from memory:

Mike, stressed out working on his finals

Melissa poofs in

MELISSA: "What's up, Mike? I'm like, super bored right now? Wanna go play some games? Go for a walk? Mess around the campus? Eat somewhere? (suggestively) spend some time with your favorite skunk?"

MIKE: "I can't, I have to work on my finals, I haven't got time for anything, I'm nervous, I'm stressed, I'm unhappy -- I don't know if I can get through with this! Melissa, I'm gonna go INSANE, maybe MORE INSANE THAT I'M ALREADY AM! THESE FINALS ARE GONNA BE THE END OF ME!"

MELISSA: "Mike! Mike! Come on, breathe with me, in - out - in - out. That's it. I know how to solve your little problem."

MIKE: "Can't we do that later, come on!"

MELISSA: "No, I don't mean -that-"

MIKE: "What is it then?"

Melissa turns his head outside his window, we see a squirrel in a treebranch

MELISSA: "You're seeing it?"

MIKE: "What is it?"

MELISSA: "Look at it!"

MIKE: "look at what?"

MELISSA: "Over there!"

MIKE: "The Squirrel?"

MELISSA: "Yes! Look at him."

A Pause, he doesn't understand.

MIKE: "I don't get it'"

Melissa rolls her eyes

MELISSA: "Watch as he cares for nothing in the world except his walnuts, his branch, his tree, he's careless, at peace, happy. We should all be like that squirrel."

Pause, she moves and they look at each other

MELISSA: "Mike, we can't live stressed out all the time, work is important, the finals are important but so is having a little time to yourself, a time to relax, enjoy life, climb a tree and when you're relaxed you'll focus better on your work. onuses and bonuses. BE the squirrel."

Mike turns to her and embraces her

MIKE: "You're right Melissa, you know I'm so lucky to have you so you can tell me that, come here."

Mike licks her, she licks him back

MELISSA: "So? Will you be a squirrel with me?"

MIKE: "Let's goooooo!!!!"

Mike and Melissa and other characters (Mike's friends) hang on the tree branch, white text fades in



Other Lost Videos

Mike produced other PSA style animations and animatics during 2011 through 2014. A companion of Mike described one of the PSAs:

"I can confirm that this video seems to be real, Mike has made several animation PSA and one that he made was about artist fatigue and balancing a job with school." "I remember some but am aware that there others. One was about who were real friends and who weren’t. Toxic relationships basically. Yes, this had Mike and Melissa too."

There was an animatic of Mike and Melissa uploaded to his channel before the completed version as well. It was posted on October 17th, 2012. There are 9 screenshots of the animatic version that have been saved, but the video itself is lost. The images below are all that have been saved.





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