Ace Lightning (lost unreleased third series of British children's television series; existence unconfirmed; early 2000s)

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The titular character, Ace Lightning.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Ace Lightning is a 2002 British children's television show that was created by Jim Corston and Rick Siggelkow. It primarily features a mix of live actors and CGI characters, which was a first for weekly television shows.


The show follows the adventures of British teenager Mark Hollander, who comes across a supposedly nonexistent seventh level of the video game "Ace Lightning and the Carnival of Doom" during a lightning storm. After a lightning bolt strikes his house's antennae, the game's characters come to life through a surge of electricity and before long, Mark becomes Ace's sidekick, changing his entire life.

Season Three

Despite the show only lasting 39 episodes across two seasons, the show was quite popular at the time,[1] so much so, that the BBC was apparently planning a third series. For unknown reasons, those plans failed in the end. While there is little solid evidence of this season being made, there are two pieces of concept art for characters that Rick Siggelkow reportedly claimed would have been villains in season three. It's unknown if any other work was done in relation to the cancelled season.



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