Aerial City 008 (partially found Japanese puppet TV series; 1969)

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Aerial City 008 title.PNG

The show's title card.

Status: Partially Found

Aerial City 008 (空中都市008 Kūchū toshi 008) was a Japanese TV Series created by sci-fi writer Sakyo Komatsu and produced by puppeteer Kinosuke Takeda, who also produced Galaxy Troop Boy and Spaceship Silica.[1]

The show utilized techniques similar to Gerry Anderson's "Supermarionation" techniques, very much influenced by Thunderbirds. The show aired on NHK from April 7, 1969, to April 3, 1970, with 230 episodes.[2]


The show is set during the early 21st century, in a futuristic city propelled over 70-80 feet above the ground; hovercraft cars and supersonic aircraft fly around, with no pollution.

With the collective effort of science, trouble often occurs, however. The show mainly focuses on the Ohara family, drawing their perspective of a variety of events that occur in the futuristic city. [3]

Aerial City 008 seemed to be trying to represent the flipsides of human endeavor in much the same manner as Thunderbirds, with the technological wonders of the future being employed to clean up the messes left behind by some of the races more ill-advised stabs at progress. [4]


With NHK's extremely poor record of show conservation, as shown previously with Galaxy Troop Boy, the only existing episode of Aerial City 008 is the Episode "Arctic SOS". No further episodes are likely to be in existence due to the tapes being wiped after syndication ended, and VHS recordings are highly unlikely to exist.

A DVD consisting of the lone episode of Aerial City 008 along with the surviving episodes of Galaxy Troop Boy and Spaceship Silica does exist, though it is seemingly out of print.[5]


Aerial City 008 "Arctic SOS", the lone surviving episode.


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