Alice & Lewis (partially found animated pilot from 3D animated series; 2016)

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A poster for the pilot sourced from BlueSpiritProd's Twitter.

Status: Partially Found

Alice & Lewis is a 3D-animated children's television series made by Blue Spirit Productions[1]. The series composes of one season with 52 episodes and an 11-minute runtime each episode. As of 2023, a second season for the series is currently in development.


A pilot for the series was shown at CartoonForum 2016[2]. Despite for the most part resembling the final product the pilot features various early character designs including a more traditional interpretation of Alice.

A description for the pilot reads as quoted on TheAnimatedFilmIndustry's page on the CartoonForum 2016 that goes as follows:

"Every night when she falls asleep, Alice, a joyful little girl, is welcomed in Wonderland by her friend Lewis. Alice discovers all the unexpected and funny ways of this country ruled by a whimsical Queen. The two friends resolve small and big problem in this anything-but-ordinary world, to everyone’s delight! But the Queen’s… Following Alice & Lewis in this funny, heart-warming comedy, young viewers learn how to adapt to a fascinating new world!" [3]

As of 2023, only a video from CartoonForum 2016 trailer shows snippets of the pilot and more footage has not resurfaced from it.




A Promo For CartoonForum 2016 featuring a trailer for the pilot ~6:50.