An American Werewolf in London (lost footage from uncut version of horror comedy film; 1981)

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Poster for the movie.

Status: Lost

An American Werewolf in London is perhaps one of the most famous werewolf movies ever made. It revolutionized the special effects used in the sub-genre, which had been based on basic cross dissolves and makeup changes ever since the The Werewolf of London in 1935. However, one scene from the film was lost after test audiences reacted negatively to it.[1]

There is no known video or audio footage from the scene, and no detailed descriptions of what happened in it. All that is known is that it features the tramps being killed in a junkyard. In the released version, the movie simply cuts to another scene in place of where the death scene should be. As there are no decent views of the tramps when they appear as ghosts later in the film, it is unknown how they died.

Much like the spider pit scene in the original King Kong, the sequence distracted the audience from other, more vital parts of the film, and was cut before the final release. Director John Landis later admitted he regretted removing the scene. It is believed that nothing is left of the scene, and it is unlikely it will ever be found. There is an "unrated" cut of the movie which has more blood and gore, but it is exceptionally rare and does not contain the aforementioned scene.

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