Ang Panday (partially found Filipino animated TV series based on comic character; 1986)

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One of the series's title cards.

Status: Partially Found

Ang Panday is a Filipino franchise derived from a comic character "Panday" created by Carlo J. Caparas. Throughout the years, several movies and series were made, and an animated TV series based on the comics/movie was created in 1986.


It is dubbed to be "first Filipino Animated Series in Television" and directed by Gabby A. Garcia.[1] It was broadcasted in RPN 9 every Friday 8 pm[2] and Fernando Poe, Jr. and other characters reprised their roles in this series. It was said to be first aired on November 21, 1986, and although it was really popular with Filipinos, it only lasted six months due to the high cost of making an animated series.[3] It is also said that Fernando Poe Jr. would read every fans' name every episode.


So far, no full episodes have resurfaced. The promo aired on RPN 9 was uploaded by Jojo Bailon in August 2017 on Facebook (reuploaded by Accipiter Smith) while the intro was uploaded by OPM MTV VIDEO in March 2016. There are also episodes remembered by viewers.

Title Year Description Status
Tikbalang circa 1986-1987 One of the supposed scenes involves a tikbalang (a mythical humanoid horse from Philippine folklore) dancing and singing to the tune of "Paru-parong Bukid" under the thought he killed Flavio. Viewers have claimed that the tikbalang is armored.[4] Lost
Singing Skeleton circa 1986-1987 One of the said scenes here was a skeleton singing "Mag-Exercise Tayo Tuwing Gabi". (a parody of Yoyoy Villame's Mag-Exercise Tayo)[5] Lost
Dragonfly People circa 1986-1987 One of the said scenes were the swarm of these dragonfly people with the main character Flavio stabbing them and white liquid pouring out. It is said to be that this is a 2-part episode.[6] Lost




Intro uploaded by OPM MTV VIDEO, with comments about the show.

Promo uploaded by Jojo Bailon, reuploaded in YouTube by Accipiter Smith.


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